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Diesel Fuel Conditioner

If your diesel fuel doesn’t contain a diesel fuel additive, it should!

At Couch Oil, we improve every gallon of diesel fuel by adding a quality diesel fuel conditioner. Diesel fuel conditioner improves your engine life and fuel economy.


Why You Need Diesel Fuel Conditioner

Lower sulfur fuels are now being mandated and the need is greater than ever before for fuel additives.

Low-quality diesel fuel is the #1 cause of poor engine performance. Low-quality diesel fuel has poor lubricity, which not only harms equipment but also produces high levels of emissions that are detrimental to the environment. Diesel fuel conditioner mitigates both of these issues and many more.


Benefits of a Fuel Conditioner

What are the benefits of using a diesel with Diesel-Mate Clear Premium 2000, the diesel fuel conditioner used by Couch Oil?

  • Improves fuel quality and enhances engine performance year-round by boosting cetane by up to 15% and inhibiting contamination
  • Reduces emissions, helping operators comply with clean air laws
  • Cleans injectors and pumps with a powerful detergent
  • Reduces friction and wear by improving lubricity
  • Prevents gelling, lowering fuel pour-point by up to 20 degrees
  • Contains rust and corrosion inhibitors
  • Improves mileage by maintaining a clean system
  • Average mileage improved by 7.5 percent in field studies

Couch Oil also offers a Quality Assurance Fuel Testing Program, an added benefit of purchasing fuel and fuel conditioner from

Couch. As part of this program, our staff will:

  • Conduct an initial fuel test, checking for bacterial growth, algae, cetane and water
  • Treat fuel with Diesel Mate Clear Premium 2000
  • Shock treat fuel if needed and pump out water if needed
  • So, don’t wear down your engine or our environment. Go with Couch Oil, the diesel provider that is committed to quality!

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