Diesel Exhaust Fluid


Why You Need Diesel Exhaust Fluid

Couch Oil is your trusted supplier of quality diesel exhaust fluid (DEF). 

DEF systems are required for emissions control on most modern diesel engines. DEF works like a chemical catalytic converter in diesel engines, keeping trucks and machinery operating within federal emissions guidelines. The vehicle’s selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system injects DEF into the exhaust at a specific point to reduce harmful pollutants, especially nitrogen oxides (NOx). With modern emissions controls, most diesel engines will not start without DEF. If the DEF supply runs out when on the road, vehicle speed will be limited until the DEF tank is refilled.


The Provider You Can Trust

Couch Oil supplies DEF in a variety of packaging: cases of 2.5 gallon jugs, 55 gallon drums, and 330 gallon bulk totes. For bulk DEF, we provide the tote and either a 12v or 110v DEF pump with a hose and dispensing nozzle. Our box trucks can refill totes and drums on site, for an easy, affordable option at your job site or shop location. DEF tote refills can be set up on an automatic fill schedule, so you never run out.

To find out more about how Couch Oil can assist with your DEF needs, contact us today!