Our Values

The Couch Oil Company Commitment

To make a difference in the lives of others by serving with excellence and engaging like family.

Couch Oil Company Core Values


As a family-owned business, we treat each other like family, no matter their role or position. That means we work each day to deepen our relationship with our customers, employees, and community in order to better understand and meet their needs. 


Demonstrating excellence through our staff, products, service, and trusted relationships is at the heart of what we do. We strive daily to put others before ourselves, even when that means prioritizing people and service over profit.


We know we are stronger together. That is why we invest our time, talent and treasure in people and organizations. Our goal is to make our region a better place in which we can all live, work, and play.

Couch Oil Company is family-centered, excellence-driven, and community-focused. That’s the Couch Oil Difference!